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Prestige Breeders Tammy and Samantha McIntosh 
of Akila Siberians.

Tammy McIntosh of Akila Siberian Kittens

Akila means "Eagle" in the Russian Language. I am very proud to be able to breed and raise these beautiful Siberian cats here in the US.

I have always loved animals. I grew up with cats in my life always until I had a family and we found out that my daughter had an allergy to cats. So our family cat went to live with the grandparents and we accepted the fact that we just could not have a cat in our home. After several years of not having a cat, we longed for a cat in our home.

So I went searching for different options to be able to have a cat. We considered medication to having a hairless cat until I found out that you can still have an allergic reaction to it because the allergen is in the cats saliva. Then I happen to come across a Cat Fancy magazine that featured the Siberian Cat and it's hypo-allergenic features. So I searched for more information and found out that the Siberian Cat also has a non-matting coat, they are gentile loving and playful and have a dog like personality.

I had a hard time finding a Upstate NY breeder so I searched the internet and found Lynda Nelson with Kravchenko Siberians and purchased my first Siberian kitten from her. I fell madly in love with him and wanted more. We spoke extensively and we decided it was a good decision to invest to become a Siberian cat breeder. Lynda is my mentor and I also joined Prestige.


My family enjoys these wonderful cats. Our Siberian kittens are raised and loved in my home with my husband and 3 children along with our dogs, a maltese and an English Springer Spaniel. So they are ready to go to a home with or without other pets and children.